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Public Problem Solving

Public Problem Solving
Crisis needs community, or as the old saying goes: we hang together or we'll surely hang separately. Whether it's a viral epidemic or climate change, the quality of our response to a societal crisis depends on the strength and depth of our communities: their capacity for compassion, for adaptive leadership and the resources they bring to the problem.

Trust Centered Design

Trust Centered Design
The scientific community's response to the Corona virus is heartening. We also have excellent resources such as ocw, wikipedia etc. Can we build an “open wisdom” system on top of existing resources and emerging patterns of rapid scientific collaboration?


Presearch is the use of design as a tool to create ideas, theories and more generally, to prototype instruments of knowledge.

The Emergent Design of Failure

Photo by chuttersnap on Unsplash I am not letting any secrets slip in saying that the world has become much more authoritarian in the last decade. The largest countries in the world: China, India, the US, Russia, Brazil are all now…

The Design of Philosophy

Many people I know, thoughtful people at that, have a poor opinion about philosophy. They think it’s a has-been discipline: too many words and too little applicability. It’s a pretty short sighted view, but that view is encouraged by philosophers…

Newsletter #10: Appsolutely

We think of apps as pieces of software; things that help us get things done or avoid getting things done. But they’re also excellent props for story telling. Just as we leaven our conversations with interjections, proverbs and idioms, why…

Designing Knowledge II: Books

The Culture of the Book I have a couple of thousand books in my personal library. Only lack of space and money prevents me from getting more. I have been a bibliophile from the time I was three or four, when…

Designing Knowledge I: Circles

I will work extensively with the idea of a design pattern: a reusable, modifiable design element. Knowledge has an element of design, like every other human practice. Unfortunately, the design patterns of knowledge are so old and so universal that…

Designing Local Knowledge

Universal knowledge Let’s start with a triviality — my eyes don’t sense parts of the earth a thousand miles away from me. Instead, they sense the world directly in front of my eyes. Seems obvious isn’t it. Well, not so much if…