Public Problem Solving

Public Problem Solving

Crisis needs community, or as the old saying goes: we hang together or we’ll surely hang separately. Whether it’s a viral epidemic or climate change, the quality of our response to a societal crisis depends on the strength and depth of our communities: their capacity for compassion, for adaptive leadership and the resources they bring to the problem.

The Emergent Design of Failure

Photo by chuttersnap on Unsplash I am not letting any secrets slip in saying that the world has become much more authoritarian in the last decade. The largest countries in the world: China, India, the US, Russia, Brazil are all now ruled by authoritarians. The concentration of power in a few hands is not an isolated … Read more The Emergent Design of Failure

Epistrons: The Design of Knowledge

I love and hate philosophy in equal measure; love it for its sustained engagement with abstract concepts and universal arguments and hate it for its parochialism. How can something be universal and parochial at the same time? I too am mystified by the contradiction, but it’s a fact; the parochialism is only increasing. When I … Read more Epistrons: The Design of Knowledge