Terrestrial Science

We make a mistake in thinking state socialism is the challenger to capitalism as the most important system of terrestrial knowledge. Instead, the real challenge comes from ecology, not from economy. The mania for growth built into capitalism isn’t compatible with the steady state nature of ecological systems as a whole.

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Settled Unsettling

Leave taking I have always wondered why the Buddha left his wife and child and went into the forest. The usual explanations are pretty patriarchal aren’t they, e.g., – that he was escaping from the bonds that tie us to this earthly life. – Attachment brings suffering. etc. Here’s how that story is told: A […]

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The Form of the World

Photographer: Heather Lo | Source: Unsplash Configurations India has a renewed government with a few new faces, the most unusual of whom is the new minister for external affairs, Subramanyam Jaishankar, a career diplomat who is now in the Cabinet Committee on Security, which instantly makes him one of the most powerful people in the country. […]

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Imagining Dharma

At the end of a vicious battle against the Kalingas, the Mauryan king Ashoka surveyed the carnage. Stricken with remorse as he surveyed the dead bodies strewn on the field, Ashoka dedicated himself to creating a just kingdom, a regime in which justice would be extended to all beings, human and non-human. Chances are this […]

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