Not my usual topic, but the impossible has actually happened: Democrats have seized control of the House and are likely to take control of the Senate. Donald Rumsfeld has resigned. Nancy Pelosi is going to be the first female speaker of the House. Rick Santorum, the infamous Senator from Pennsylvania is out, and most likely, so is George Allen, the Senator from Virginia (who also became infamous for using a racial epithet against an Indian-American campaign worker for his opponent, Jim Webb).

We can only hope that this means better news for the American occupation of Iraq, better enforcement of environmental laws and an overall investigation of the various criminal acts of the Bush regime. I know there are people who think that the Democrats and the Republicans are the two wings of the American Corporate Party and while I might agree with them on many occasions, I still think that this is wonderful news, just as the Congress led UPA alliance victory was wonderful news two and half years ago.