Rajesh Kasturirangan
Dreamer by Day, Demon at Dusk

M14: Text and the City, Part II

Interverse, Published January 24, 2022
On cities as hyperitos

M12: Back to the Future, Winter 2022 Edition

Interverse, Published January 17, 2022
Life, the Universe and Everything Else resumed

M9: Formalizing Identity III

Interverse, Published December 10, 2021
On 'Wespace' -- a way for presence and continuity to emerge on the internet

M8: Formalizing Identity II

Interverse, Published December 4, 2021
With a detour through Science Fiction and Whodunits

M7: Formalizing Identity Part I

Interverse, Published November 24, 2021
The first of two articles on how identity needs to be formalized in the next stage of the web

M6: The Unmedium

Interverse, Published November 20, 2021
First in a series on the human-human interverse
algorithmic politics

The State of Algorithmic Politics

Geocracy, Published November 17, 2021
Emotional Truths Why is it that at a time when the future of human existence is threatened by climate change, the...
many mes

Many Mes

Samsara, Published November 17, 2021
Photographer: Andrew Seaman | Source: Unsplash MeMe and YouMe The Buddha, peace be unto him, is famous for declaring...
skin of the world

The Skin of the World

Interverse, Published November 17, 2021
Photographer: David Clode | Source: Unsplash I am taking a step back from writing about contentious topics —...
“Dreams feel real while we’re in them. It’s only when we wake up that we realize something was actually strange.”

M5: The Interverse

Interverse, Published November 12, 2021
Is the Metaverse in Our Heads?

M4: The Ministry for the Near Future

Interverse, Published November 7, 2021
Imagining alternative metaverses
Facebook becomes Meta

M3: Facebook Becomes Meta

Interverse, Published October 30, 2021
When Platforms transform in to Worlds, Attention Capture is replaced by Attention Constitution
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