Rajesh Kasturirangan
Mathematician and Cognitive Scientist by training. Seeker of Wisdom by choice. Founder and CEO of Socratus. Writing about the Metaverse, Minds, Mathematics, Animals and Climate.

M7: Formalizing Identity Part I

Interverse, Published November 24, 2021
The first of two articles on how identity needs to be formalized in the next stage of the web

M6: The Unmedium

Interverse, Published November 20, 2021
First in a series on the human-human interverse
algorithmic politics

The State of Algorithmic Politics

Geocracy, Published November 17, 2021
Emotional Truths Why is it that at a time when the future of human existence is threatened by climate change, the future of work is threatened by automation and the future of every other living...
many mes

Many Mes

Samsara, Published November 17, 2021
Photographer: Andrew Seaman [https://unsplash.com/@amseaman] | Source: Unsplash [https://unsplash.com/] MeMe and YouMe The Buddha, peace be unto him, is famous for declaring there’s no self....
skin of the world

The Skin of the World

Interverse, Published November 17, 2021
Photographer: David Clode [https://unsplash.com/@davidclode] | Source: Unsplash [https://unsplash.com/] I am taking a step back from writing about contentious topics — authoritarian politics...
“Dreams feel real while we’re in them. It’s only when we wake up that we realize something was actually strange.”

M5: The Interverse

Interverse, Published November 12, 2021
Is the Metaverse in Our Heads?

M4: The Ministry for the Near Future

Interverse, Published November 7, 2021
Imagining alternative metaverses
Facebook becomes Meta

M3: Facebook Becomes Meta

Interverse, Published October 30, 2021
When Platforms transform in to Worlds, Attention Capture is replaced by Attention Constitution
M2: What’s a Thing and how does it Persist?

M2: What’s a Thing and how does it Persist?

Interverse, Published October 26, 2021
Why would I invest serious money in art or design when the virtual vase is only available in one game? Why would a serious digital artist create a piece of art that can only be viewed in Minecraft or Fortnite? We have to solve for persistence and identity across virtual worlds if we want a metaverse that triggers the willing suspension of disbelief.
M1: Crafting the Metaverse -- The Mauhaus Project

M1: Crafting the Metaverse -- The Mauhaus Project

Interverse, Published October 19, 2021
What if the Bauhaus was reinvented for the Metaverse? How can we imagine a humane digital future that celebrates the creative impulse and humane values and embraces technology?
The Essence of the Middle Way

The Essence of the Middle Way

Samsara, Published April 10, 2021
Philosophy routinely finds itself charting a course between two seemingly irreconcilable positions, a middle way between extremes. The first update in a new series: a daily reading of Kant and Nagarjuna as two exponents of the 'Middle Way.'
From Trump to Biden II: Worlds Apart

From Trump to Biden II: Worlds Apart

Geocracy, Published March 17, 2021
In this second essay in the Trump to Biden series, I address the deep challenges facing the US, the illnesses of which the transition was a symptom.
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